NOHM’s One Year Anniversary Since First Contract Win

This month marks the one-year anniversary of No Ordinary Hospitality Management (NOHM) winning its first contract – and what a 12-months it has been.

We established NOHM to help others make the most of the commercial potential of their assets, based on our extensive experience and how we have transformed the offer at Coombe Abbey Hotel and Park.

Starting a company when the economy and the sector were suffering due to the pandemic, might be viewed as slightly odd, but actually it was key to why we devised and launched NOHM.

We had already undertaken work in increasing revenue streams in and around Coombe Abbey, but if the pandemic and lockdown proved one thing, it was that all commercial possibilities in every business had to be maximised if they were to recover and thrive.

The fact we had already started that at Coombe, provided the realisation that we had the ability to deliver that for others.

Our biggest single project to date – opening three food and drink outlets in Coventry’s War Memorial Park – has now been operational for three months and is trading very well.

The Bistro – which offers breakfast, small plates, afternoon tea and supper – has performed from day one and has been extremely consistent. There is a huge range of customers – some of whom use us because they are visiting the park, others coming specially to eat and drink with friends or family.

Park Gelato and The Sundae Club have obviously had a very strong summer and the good weather has not only brought people out and about, it has also had them wanting ice-cream!

The War Memorial Park is such a well-loved place and the number of activities that go on there on a daily basis is extraordinary. We very much had to bear that affection in mind when we designed our outlets – we wanted to add to what was on offer there, but ensure that it was in keeping with what people wanted and expected from the park.

There were some initial misgivings about our “no cash” policy and we were aware of some rumblings of discontent but we operate that policy right across all our public-facing business and it is down to two things – efficiencies and safety.

In particular we do not want staff having to deal with masses of cash in what are often open, public settings, or cash being left on premises. People have, by and large, accepted that policy and, if necessary, made adjustments and we appreciate that understanding.

While we launched our War Memorial Park operations, St Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry city centre, which we manage, also opened and is set to become a visitor and education attraction of national importance. I will focus on that in my next blog.

Word of NOHM and how we are helping our clients maximise their assets, has spread and we are in talks with several parties about possible future partnerships in retail, leisure and hospitality

The businesses vary massively in what they offer and where they are situated and all of them present possible commercial opportunities.

It has been an exciting first 12 months – and that looks set to continue!

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