NOHM Appoints Industry Specialists, Kirkland Training

A Midlands-based hospitality business has appointed an industry-specialist training provider as part of an ongoing commitment to develop its staff at all levels.

No Ordinary Hospitality Management (NOHM) is using the expertise of Kirkland Training to provide all the employees in its portfolio with training that also inspires them to continue delivering great service.

The training will begin in October 2022 and run for 15 months, and will be available to all of the 370 employees across the business which includes the historic Coombe Abbey Hotel in Warwickshire and the newly refurbished St Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry.

Employees will be recognised with certificates at an awards ceremony celebrating their achievements at the conclusion of the training courses in December 2023.

Ron Terry, group operations director at No Ordinary Hospitality Management, said: “Delivering high quality service, putting forward an attractive sales offering, providing quick and effective solutions to queries from visitors and working cohesively as one organisation are at the heart of NOHM’s appeal and are what we pride ourselves on each and every day.

“We see the training courses provided by Kirkland Training as the perfect opportunity for all of the NOHM team to build on their current strengths and develop new skills and techniques as we all work towards fulfilling our key commitments to customers that come through the doors at each of our venues.

“This will benefit each and every employee within the business as we are offering a professional, commercial programme to heads of departments too to ensure each of our valued staff members have the opportunity to upskill themselves and embark on a training course tailored to their specific needs.

“It is important to us that we continue to be seen as an employer of choice, and are always honing our culture of progression and excellence even during times of economic uncertainty, and we are determined to continue in this way by significantly investing in the personal development of our employees, as shown through this initiative.”

Kirkland Training has been delivering bespoke training solutions since 2005 to businesses from a diverse range of industries – including hospitality, leisure and tourism, manufacturing and retail, corporate, government and charitable.

All of its trainers have worked operationally within the hospitality and leisure industry, with each course being centred around practical experience and discussing solutions which work in the sector.

Amy Kirkland, managing director at Kirkland Training, said: “We are delighted to be providing the training and development calendar for the No Ordinary Hospitality teams, at all levels, including a commercial leadership development programme.

“The hospitality industry is a great place to work, learn and grow, and our professional training programme has been designed especially for No Ordinary Hospitality to reflect their unique portfolio and values.

“It will inspire and motivate the teams to deliver great service, working together as a team whilst each making their own unique contribution to the success of the business.”

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